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The former swimming pool at the Halifax Common
The Water Beside Us - kate macdonald
Daylighting the Sawmill Creek
The sidewalk outside of the Department of Lands and Forestry
Spray Days - Kate Phillips
Spruce Budworm
The Dartmouth Ferry Terminal
A Love Letter to Public Transit - Ali Joy Richardson & Neil Silcox
Trans Canada Trail, Dartmouth Cove
The Earth Savers - Dan Bray
Engaging Youth
Parking lot on the southeast corner of Salter St @ Lower Water St., Halifax.
Returning to the Circle - Dawn Shepard & Aiyana Graham
Next 50: Future of Environmental Activism
Clam Harbour Beach Provincial Park
Finding Harmony, a Mi’Kmaw Perspective - Emma Gabriel
Forest & Habitat
The sidewalk in front of the Halifax Provincial Court, Spring Garden Rd.
Our Day In Court - Jacinte Armstrong
Our Days In Court
Barrington St. sidewalk in front of Hotel Halifax
Undesign. A Soundscape - Jacob Caines
"Urban Renewal" - Cogswell Street Interchange
Horseshoe Island Park, Halifax
Transoportocean - Kathleen Dorian, Emma Laishram, Christine Stortini
Hector & Shark Conservation
Point Pleasant Park, Halifax
while here/there - Liliona Quarmyne
Coastlines, Erosion, Shorelines
St. Andrew’s United Church, Halifax
Radiant Hours/Fall in, Fallout - Lou Sheppard
Stoddart Island Nuclear Plant 1973
Crystal Crescent Beach, Sambro
Coral Vision - Megan Fitzgerald
The sidewalk in front of The Ecology Action Centre, Fern Lane, Halifax
Fern Lane - Sarah Gignac
The "deep energy retrofit" of 2705 Fern Lane
Blue Mountain - Birch Cove, HRM
Where The Wild Things Aren’t - Vanessa Furlong & April Hubbard
Health, Wellbeing and Accessibility of Nature
Hope Blooms, Brunswick Street, Halifax
The Fish Are In The Trees - George Woodhouse & The Public Service is a folk-rock band from Punamu’kwati’jk/Dartmouth
Alderney Landing Lookout, Dartmouth, NS
Boundareas - Keely Hopkins
Farmers and Food Miles
St. Andrew’s United Church, Halifax
Eelgrass talks back - Lily Falk
Eelgrass Project
Frog Pond Trail, Halifax
Please don't cover your ears - Blue Lobelia, aka Rachel Bruch
Songbirds vs. Cats
The sidewalk outside of the Mi'Kmaq Child Development Centre, Halifax
A'se'k - Cathy Martin (with Sheila Francis and interviews with Elders)
Boat Harbour
Citadel Hill, Halifax
Eventide - Lou Campbell
Open Streets Halifax
The sidewalk in front of 1221 Barrington St., Halifax
Into The Out Of, or I, TOO - Rooks Field-Freen, Coral Maloney, Blaze Frazer
Urban Chickens / Affordable Housing
Dartmouth Commons Community Gardens
The Plot Thickens - The Understudies Theatre Co.
Local Food Movement / Eating by the Seasons
Bald Eagle Bridge, Salt Marsh Trail, Cole Harbour
What if we lose everything? - Keeper E.
Cheverie Salt Marsh Restoration
The sidewalk outside of Uncommon Grounds, 1030 South Park St, Halifax
carrying carrion - Undine Foulds
Mainland Moose
The Macdonald Bridge
The Early Years - Brian Gifford & Cliff White
1971 - 1974
The Deanery, Lower Ship Harbour
Recalling Mourning - NAT chantel
BIPOC perspectives
Kespukwitk/Annapolis County
milui’tm: a 4-part audio series, in four separate locations - shalan joudry
BIPOC perspectives
Willow St. at Agricola St., Halifax
Respect the Sun - Lorne Alexander Julien
BIPOC perspectives
Cyril Smith Golden Acres Park, Dartmouth
My Home - BARE Theatre Company
Forest Funeral
St. Mary’s Boat Club
Daughter of Avon - Terra Spencer
Living Shorelines
The old, red oak. Dal campus, Halifax
The Wild In The Seed - Annik Gaudet & Sam Decoste
Our HRM Alliance
Agricultural Campus of Dalhousie, Truro
The Mi’kmaw Lunar Cycle - Bringing Together Cultures and Seasonal Knowledge - Richard leBrasseur with Art Stevens
Imagining 2030
The Bike Again Shop, Charles St, Halifax.
Inviting Light - Bill Rudolph with Victor Comeau and Mike Gibbs
Bike Again!
Halifax Waterfront
Hemlock Circus: Where Are They Now? - Hemlock Circus
Art as Protest
Herring Cove Provincial Park Preserve
Carrying the Spark - The Cautious Optimist
Honouring Danielle Moore
Wonder’neath, Maynard St, Halifax
Weaving Together Just Futures - Yasmine Hassen
Halifax Central Library
Reflections on the Movement - Friends of the EAC: David Suzuki, Elizabeth May, and more!